Max Berwald

Max Berwald is a Beijing-based writer from San Diego. He is interested in fiction and screenwriting. His work can be found on Aweh.tvLoreli, Shotgun Honey, Be Young & Shut UpMondo Exploito and in et al. Magazine

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Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Fresh blood – fiction by Max Berwald


All morning a cool, hard wind blew out of the north. At noon his phone vibrated against his arm and he sat up in bed and the wind stopped blowing. “Hello?”

“Mr. Zhang?”


“I’m calling from People’s General Health Services in Haidian.”

Chongan nodded, rubbing his eyes. “I already...” He was still high. He scanned the bed but Morgan was gone. No, she’d fallen asleep at Olu’s– he’d gone home without her? “I already picked up my results.”

“I was hoping we could meet for lunch.”