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Carl Setzer has lived in China for a decade, and runs Great Leap Brewing

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The Man from Earlier

Marriage, loss, and red tape – by Carl Setzer


I arrived at the US consulate in Shenyang at 8:15am. The handwritten sign on the window of the security office said citizen services would begin at 8:30. There didn't seem to be the threat of a line forming, so I figured I was safe to wander around a few minutes to see what the capital of Liaoning Province had to offer.

As I turned to leave, I bumped into something solid – it felt like a tree or a telephone poll, but turned out to be a person.


The Cornfield and the Graveyard

Two generations pay their respects – by Carl Setzer


“42, 43, 44, 45. I think this is the spot.”

Grandpa stopped and searched for his cigarettes, trying to ignore the pain in his hands and legs.