Richard Loria

Richard Loria was a student of Chinese in Beijing in 2012-13

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The Dumpling Party (part two)

In which the limits of our hero’s stomach are tested, and he has a nap


Ed: Previously on The Dumpling Party: Our fearless narrator vanquished an unsavoury surprise at breakfast, daringly negotiated conversations with his Chinese host family, and braved the villainous monotony of shopping at The MegaStore. And now, the shocking conclusion you've been waiting for ...


The Dumpling Party (part one)

In which our hero battles a salty egg, and is tortured by Chinese muzak


Ed: Richard wrote this Chinese homestay saga shortly after first coming to live in Beijing. I hope his close encounters with salty eggs, excessive hospitality and mutual unintelligibility will prepare the uninitiated, and remind those jaded old hands that they too had a first time in China