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Daniel Rickleman is an Australian geologist who has been working in and out of China since 2006

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From Below

A photo essay by Daniel Rickleman


We're used to the bird's eye view of China, but what of the view from below? In this photo essay, geologist and amateur photographer Daniel Rickleman points his lens up at the Shanghai Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Centre and Beijing's CCTV tower, to give up an idea of what China's skyrocketing development looks like from the ground up, lost in the clouds, the night or the smog ...



In(ner) Mongolia – a photo essay by Daniel Rickleman

Ed: We may be a writers' colony, but words all too often speak louder than words, so we're running this photo essay by Daniel Rickleman without any gloss or introduction. Also check out his previous photography for the Anthill from the Li river, Karst Away


Karst Away

Photography from the Li river – by Daniel Rickleman


The famed stretch of the river Li in Guangxi, lined with jutting tooth-shaped limestone hills, is one of the most iconic landscapes in China. Millions visit each year; the 2o yuan note sports its image; and even President Clinton came for a look in 1998.

Every day, thousands of tourists cruise this river. They float as small groups on faux bamboo rafts, powered by what look like lawn-mower motors, or on long low ferries that carry over a hundred. The beehive hills cloaked in green crowd the banks of the river, forming not just a tourist site but a terrain, a landscape the edges of which a visitor cannot guess at.