Street Stories: Little Soldier


“The tanks are coming! The enemies are surrounding us!” he screamed, dodging bullets from the machine guns spraying from all sides.

“Fatty! Quick! Hand me the grenade!”

Fatty, a large and tubby comrade-at-arms, heaved his way behind a half-destroyed wall to hand over a loose one.

The boy lobbed it over the wall and they both ducked as the explosion consumed its enemies in fiery flames.

Sensing another enemy close by, their heads simultaneously swivelled and found an assassin, whose scope zoomed in on them.


“Oei! What you doing? MOMMM!!!!!!!!”

“WHAAT?! She’s taking your picture! Smile, dammit!”

This picture, taken south of Shangchuan Huiguan (商船会馆), old town, Shanghai

Sue Anne Tay is the photographer and author behind Shanghai Street Stories, which documents the heritage, architecture and community of Shanghai’s disappearing old neighbourhoods. The Guardian called Shanghai Street Stories one of "the best city blogs around the world"