Chinese Tuesdays: National Day Bargains


Happy National Day (国庆日 guóqìngrì) all, which is tomorrow, starting the "golden week" (黄金周 huángjīn zhōu) holidays. For our friends in Hong Kong, here's a translation of a topical joke I stumbled across online:


How to Get Great Value for 7 Days of National Day Festival!

1. Use a rock to smash up one police car, and win seven days free lodging in a guarded dormitory, everything included, amazing value

2. Smash two cars and it comes with a free pair of exquisite metal bracelets, a fashionable matching set of clothes, and free police transport

3. Smash even more and win bigger prizes! First ten winners get a free hairshave, first hundred winners can frolic with police dogs, get a guest massage with batons, and electroshock beauty therapy

4. Act now, have an extraordinary National Day Festival!