Chinese Tuesdays: Mistresses and MH370


偷吃还不知道怎么擦嘴" (tōuchī hái bùzhīdào zěnme cāzuǐ). This expression means you steal food (偷吃 tōuchī) but don’t know how to wipe your mouth clean afterwards (擦嘴 cāzuǐ), and is used to disparage someone sneaky enough to do the wrong thing but not smart enough not to get caught.

For example, I heard it used in response to a joke that's going around on the Chinese Internet about the MH370 missing flight. In the joke, someone asks help for a friend who went to visit his girlfriend, but told his wife he was going on a business trip to Malaysia, returning on MH370. Since the disappearance of the flight, the friend has been hiding out in a hotel and doesn’t know what to do, does anyone have any ideas?"

Here's one of the versions of the joke in Chinese:

一老哥的情人在妇女节前来京玩, 老哥决定陪对方几天,就对他老婆谎称去马来西亚开会了, 坐的3月8号的马航MH370回到北京。现在他和情人在酒店里十多天了,不敢回家, 要疯了,要疯了。。。。 谁有办法救救他!

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