Chinese Tuesdays: Riches every day

This intricate composite character is a combination of 日日有财 (rìrìyǒucái), and means "see riches every day".

It's made up of two 日 (rì – day) on top, 有 (yǒu – have) in the middle, and 财 (cái – wealth) on the right, with the 月 component of 有 forming the 目 component of the traditional version of 见 (jiàn – see), 見. Cleverly, if you double up that 見 it reads 日日有财见 (rìrìyǒucáijiàn).

What's more, if you ignore the 见 radical of 财, it becomes 才 (cái – ability), making the meaning closer to 日日有才见 (rìrìyǒucáijiàn) "learn something new every day". Whichever way, we wish it for Anthilll readers in 2014!

A version of this Chinese Tuesdays post originally appeared on Sam Duncan's blog