Chinese Tuesdays: Food Combinations to Avoid

I found this gem of a poster stuck on the back wall of the grimy kitchen in my new apartment in Daqing, Heilongjiang. It's titled 20个不能混吃的食物 (bùnénghùnchīdeshíwù) or "20 Food Combinations to Avoid", and seems to be the paper from a now-closed Harbin restaurant food tray. My favourites are number 5: rabbit meat + celery = lose your hair (兔肉 tùròu+芹菜 qíncài=脱发 tuōfà); number 10: crab + persimmon = diarrhoea (蟹 xiè+柿子 shìzi=腹泻 fùxiè); and number 16: tofu + honey = deafness (豆腐 dòufu+蜂蜜 fēngmì=耳聋 ěrlóng).

This Chinese Tuesdays post originally appeared on Sam Duncan's blog